Summer 2015 Program of Events

And of course! Don't forget to join us every Wednesday morning for 3&4 year old story time! Stories, songs, and ryhmes will happen!
All programs take place at 1:00 p.m. at Melby Park Shelter unless otherwise noted in the description.

June 10 & 11:Wednesday: Story Teller Tracy Chipman will join us to tell heroic tales! Thursday: Super hero camp begins: Cape making, kryptonite hot potato, and learn your super hero name.

June 17 & 18: Wednesday: Bubble Day at Melby Park! Come try all the bubble making tricks! There will be artifacts to touch and demonstrations. Thursday: Super Hero camp continues.... Shield making and feats of strenght relay.

June 24 & 25: Wednesday: Traveling Lantern Theatre Company will enact the tale of The Sword in the StoneI. Thursday: Super Hero Camp: Powerful Wrist Cuffs and Feats and Deeds!

July 2 & 3: NO PROGRAM! Enjoy your 4th of July and keep reading!

July 8 &9: Wednesday: Zoozort! Come meet animal superheroes and learn more about them! ***This program will take place in the basement of Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Whitehall***Thursday: Super Hero Camp... Headbands, belts and Super Memory!

July 15 & 16: Wednesday: LDL Magic Show! Thursday: Super Hero Camp... Clucker cups.

July 22: Last day of Summer Reading! Join us for a superhero relay, games, treats, and prizes!








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